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 the rules of multipost

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Super ramon 32

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MensajeTema: the rules of multipost   Mar Dic 24, 2013 5:00 am

well this are the rules of multipost friends

You may wonder: is multipost?

Multipost is a commentary that follows another made ​​by a user ouede to be be a simple repeticion.se can say it is a multicomentario.

How I can help?

Look there is an option to edit that also serves to add more things to comment on that do not need multipost.y also contains a tachita used to delete the comment if perhaps they repeated the message or maybe if portrayed I made ​​a comment.

And it will make me if I do multipost?

For only one does nothing but cause the following help them think about whether they do or not:

4 multipost: warn there safe and if you get four warns recieve a ban without time limit

So think
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the rules of multipost
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