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 rules of the forum

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Super ramon 32
Super ramon 32

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MensajeTema: rules of the forum   Mar Dic 24, 2013 5:02 am

After the shower you need to apply the following rules:

1 multipost not allowed .

2nd No spam .

No multimemes 3rd .

4th No insults.

5th textures not unscrew the forum or make mods without permission of the texture.

Explanations of the rules:

The forum maybe 1 can be deleted by Forumotion .

2 The spam like the multipost may cause the forum is deleted besides being annoying.

3rd Memes in crowd are somewhat annoying to some users and also this is not facebook .

4 The truth is too bad to see something as ridiculous as an insult , it's okay to show your opinion comportarce aggressive but is not necessary.

5 º The authors of the textures worked on them and not deserve that others steal their work without CONSENT and as non-credit .

sanctions :

1 User multipost found after 4 without explanation or concerns receive a warn.

2nd and pon pon If these messages like the multipost worth 'll have to put a warn to do it , of course if you put a lot of nonsense .

It will be like 3rd 2nd give you warn to do it way too , are light fun but should not ponerce much .

First 4th rudeness you see , first warn that pondre .

5 The topic will be deleted or closed borrare links besides that and besides if we find someone shows textures here without permission simply the user will be deleted .

the rules are good with their explanations and penalties , remember this forum may be a better place if you care Smile Greetings and respect and see the post multipost if they have questions
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rules of the forum
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